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I am pleased to present the company's product range segment trading and rental of construction equipment for vertical transportation.

The company was founded in 2002 to complement the market offer for the sale and rental of tower cranes leading manufacturer of construction equipment, the company Liebherr, necessary for the construction tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing lead times to the satisfaction of the customers.

The machine park currently have 130 cranes with lifting capacities parameters range from 27 to 290 tonometers and lengths up to 75 m booms. Due to many contacts with numerous partners I have the opportunity to implement any project which required the use of tower cranes to operate the site.

The knowledge and experience I have gained leading branch representative in Poland LIEBHERR allow me to provide professional assistance in dealing with the selection of machines with satisfactory parameters and the optimal location of the site.

I offer a comprehensive service that is: the development of user location and safe operation, transportation and installation of the UDT reception, maintenance, removal and transporting of the site. I have a permanent access to the original parts at factory prices.

Hoping for your interest in my offer I remain at your disposal.


The owner and staff of PHU Strzecha

                              Krzysztof Mazur